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Wedding Schmedding

This morning I decided to make a list of all my friends who are engaged as lately its seems barely a week goes by without a new engagement. So I took out my pen and paper and came up with a list 21 couples long. SO FAR. I’m sure I have forgotten people. Two of the weddings this summer are “must go to’s” you know, the close friends you would really regret not celebrating this day with.  But I’m finding it a little difficult living way up in the middle of nowhere as I do to try and get places for these events.Air Canada and Westjet are the best options I suppose, but there is a smaller company Central Mountain Air that seems to be fairly reasonable.My question is, how come it cost me double to fly to Toronto than it would if I decided to fly to London?  Something is seriously wrong. We are being ripped off.The other alternative is driving, but having averaged it out I would pay almost the same as the flight in gas, but be spending hours on the road and putting miles on the vehicle so it’s not worthwhile. Damn buying and SUV.I guess I should just get out there and land me a pilot, I hear family members of airline employees get mad discounts. 🙂 


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  Keira-Anne wrote @

Apparently I’m never getting married, so you don’t have to worry about spending travel funds on me. 🙂 I say instead we spend the money on a girlie vacay.

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