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Russell Peters and getting low

This post is inspired by a night out at the bar in Fort St John. 

Intrigued yet? 

Having watched one of my favorite comedians again the other day, his words were fresh in my mind as I was shaking my junk all over the place.

The song “Low by Flow Rida” came on, and everyone piled onto the dance floor. 

As the chorus blares over the speakers with the bass pumping I notice one thing, and it made me burst out into laughter. We Canadians LOVE doing actions to songs…

Get low, low, low, low, and what are all the people on the floor doing? Getting low.

I have to admit there was maybe one person on the dance floor that actually looked GOOD while “getting low”, so I stood tall, rebelled against this terrible “getting low” phenomenon and laughed.

You should watch this video from Russell Peters and you will understand the hilarity. I’m not making this up, you will giggle! (especially if you were like me and had to learn random dances in elementary school)


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  Keira-Anne wrote @

I heart Russell Peters.

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