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Maori Art

Skin III

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While in New Zealand back in 2006 I fell in love with the Maori people and culture. The tattoos specifically were something that drew me in. Many of the tattoos are traditionally on the face, of course I doubt I will ever be that brave. I love the strong bold designs as well as the flowing curved lines.
The most recent tattoo of mine is Maori inspired and I am proud to have a piece of their culture as part of my art.
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Wedding Schmedding

This morning I decided to make a list of all my friends who are engaged as lately its seems barely a week goes by without a new engagement. So I took out my pen and paper and came up with a list 21 couples long. SO FAR. I’m sure I have forgotten people. Two of the weddings this summer are “must go to’s” you know, the close friends you would really regret not celebrating this day with.  But I’m finding it a little difficult living way up in the middle of nowhere as I do to try and get places for these events.Air Canada and Westjet are the best options I suppose, but there is a smaller company Central Mountain Air that seems to be fairly reasonable.My question is, how come it cost me double to fly to Toronto than it would if I decided to fly to London?  Something is seriously wrong. We are being ripped off.The other alternative is driving, but having averaged it out I would pay almost the same as the flight in gas, but be spending hours on the road and putting miles on the vehicle so it’s not worthwhile. Damn buying and SUV.I guess I should just get out there and land me a pilot, I hear family members of airline employees get mad discounts. 🙂 

Sorry for the hiatus.

All I can say is that the lack of posting is fairly well justified.In the past month I have travelled over 2500 km’s, been in one car accident, helped my brother move to a new town, switched job locations, been accused of having an affair with a 65 yr old man (very not true), cried a few times, wished I was elsewhere, and now am finally back to dreaming about the future.I must say the definite highlight of my upcoming 8 days off of work, will be a trip I am hoping to take to a small Northern BC Ski hill.  “Powder King” Powder King is one of the north’s best kept most powder blessed secrets!Its located literally in the middle of nowhere between two small towns, Mackenzie(home of the worlds largest tree crusher)and Chetwynd, British Columbia. Pine Pass, Summertime The road to the mountain is treacherous and has taken many lives. This winter you may have heard about the avalanches and many people suspected trapped in the Pine Pass. Luckily everyone has been accounted for!  Bijoux Falls, Pine Pass, British ColumbiaHowever, the drive to this mountain is welllllllll worth it! I personally have never once been to this mountain and found ICE.The hill gets amazing amounts of powder and the owners give us a wonderful treat by only grooming 2 of the runs.  You can take the lift up, and then if you are brave, head over to the T bar where you can rise above the tree line and embrace un tracked powder!powderLift ticket prices are reasonable as well, only $45.00 for the day!  The one thing they need to work on though is the lodge, it’s small and smelly and lacking in room for the amount of people who are on the hill. Although I have to say, having this mountain be small and only visited by locals does make it unique and have a special place in many of us northerners hearts.Quite a few people take advantage of the mountain range Powder King is located in, with their skidoos. There are endless valleys and bowls and on a clear day this place will literally leave you breathless. Be sure though to take appropriate avalanche gear if you venture anywhere into the mountains in the snow. It’s not worth losing your or a loved ones life. Check out some YouTube videos here


Today I was reading the Lonely Planet Blue List book for 2008, when I came across a section about Armenia.I honestly knew nothing about this country before today and probably would have struggled to place it on a map. However after reading this article today I have a sudden urge to pack up my belongings and enjoy some time exploring the over 40,000 historic monuments Armenia has to offer.I think I should plan my trip there for the third Sunday in July when the locals will be celebrating “Vardavar“.  This is the national day of randomly soaking strangers with water.  How fun! Not only can I wander around in Noah’s footsteps while drinking amazing wine and brandy, I can throw water on complete strangers with a gaggle of Armenians!Overall, this Country sounds like a place that I would enjoy visiting, mountains, history, and locals with a sense of humor! *my apologies for the short post today, I was without internet until 6:30 this evening, I will make up with it tomorrow, don’t you worry!*