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falling in love

It’s amazing how attached you can get to something/someone so quickly.For me lately this has been my new dog Tonka. He’s a little English Bulldog and he’s the best decision I’ve ever made.It’s been a rough go with work not letting me take him with me (as they originally had said would be OK) but everything has worked out and it’s a joy watching him grow!He’s a little nasty biter when he gets hyper but when he’s calm he’s the best little boy ever.I can’t imagine life without him… ah.. love… img_0050.jpg


we do so little

As I type this I have about 23 hours left of work until I will be getting a GLORIOUS 8 days off.  Having worked 35 days in a row I think I deserve it!I’ve decided to make some changes in my life in an attempt to perhaps curb my perpetual bad luck. I’m picking up my SUV from the body shop hopefully all fixed and in working order. I am also adding a member to my family of 1. I’m getting a British Bulldog puppy!  In doing so I am growing up, getting some real responsibility. It’s about time. 🙂  I guess the main thing I wanted to write about was I’m trying to decide if I should sponsor a child.There are many different aid organizations all over the world that allow you to “sponsor” a child.  I have been thinking about doing this for a while, as I definitely can afford to give 30$ a month. My only concern is what organization to go with?  I know quite a few people who sponsor through World Vision, but in all honesty am looking for something not religiously affiliated. I would not want my money to be kept from someone because of religion. Nor would I like people who need the money pretending to follow a religion because they are the ones with the cash.  Not that I am sure in any way that this happens, I just feel better going with an organization that accepts anyone from anywhere for any reason.  One other thing I worry about is exactly how much of my money I donate is going to make it to the family. Or does it get put into whatever the organization feels it needs to go to at that time?  Is it OK to simply trust that an organization that is truly out there helping people would have the needs of the people at the top of the priority list? Unfortunately I am hesitant to trust completely in our day and age people use any medium possible to take advantage of others. Including exploiting those in need.I’ll post again when I have made up my mind. Be expecting some silence as I’m sure sitting on the computer will not be my #1 priority in the next few days! 

My favorite thing about Washington DC.

Ok so I really don’t know much about Washington, DC, but what I do know is that is where Jake Brewers profile says that he’s from. Jake added me as a contact on flickr a few months ago, and without him doing that I might still not know about him. He has travelled over much of the world and has wonderful intent  “…to travel the world, recording with words and pictures the incredible mystery, wonder, horror, and beauty that is humanity. To thereby raise awareness of world issues for the unaware; to the end that world problems might not go unnoticed or ignored, but be exposed and healed for the greater good of humankind.…to connect people, organizations, ideas and resources so that anyone, anywhere can imagine and act upon building a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives. “As of today he has 10 photos in Flickr Explore, which as those of us who are wise in the Flickr ways, know is quite special. So basically, he’s a great photographer who is friendly, knowledgeable, well traveled, and constantly adding more photos for our enjoyment. So if you want to see some culture, some diversity and some simply spectacular photos pop on over to Jake Brewer and give yourself some time… It’s hard to leave his photos without looking at them all!!   

Wedding Schmedding

This morning I decided to make a list of all my friends who are engaged as lately its seems barely a week goes by without a new engagement. So I took out my pen and paper and came up with a list 21 couples long. SO FAR. I’m sure I have forgotten people. Two of the weddings this summer are “must go to’s” you know, the close friends you would really regret not celebrating this day with.  But I’m finding it a little difficult living way up in the middle of nowhere as I do to try and get places for these events.Air Canada and Westjet are the best options I suppose, but there is a smaller company Central Mountain Air that seems to be fairly reasonable.My question is, how come it cost me double to fly to Toronto than it would if I decided to fly to London?  Something is seriously wrong. We are being ripped off.The other alternative is driving, but having averaged it out I would pay almost the same as the flight in gas, but be spending hours on the road and putting miles on the vehicle so it’s not worthwhile. Damn buying and SUV.I guess I should just get out there and land me a pilot, I hear family members of airline employees get mad discounts. 🙂 

Show a little LOVE

I know I don’t have that many readers that check in on a frequent basis, but if you are stopping by and you are a nice person you will continue to read.My friend Keira-Anne is awesome, and she is participating in a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters.  They will be having a beach party while bowling and helping to support a great organization who unites kids with quality mentors.For a long time I have said that I wanted to become a big sister, and as I am working way up north in the middle of nowhere I am living vicariously through Keira as she does her thing! So… donate… if you think about it, take that $10 you were going to put towards something like coffee, a new shirt, a dinner out, and support these kids.. trust me.. they need it more than you do!:)   So click here to support Keira and just in case you were worried, yes you do get a tax receipt. 

Chad Hatcher

In every girls life there are those days where you just feel “off”. Whatever that “off” might consist of it leaves you feeling usually sad, frustrated, alone, confused or any combinations of other emotions we girls tend to feel.Music is one of those mediums that can alter your mood dramatically. This past month the CD that has not left my CD player is “Tunnels and Pathways” by the amazing Chad Hatcher.n502416379_171237_7071.jpgI seriously debated proposing to this man via facebook he’s that amazing.So if you need a pick me up with a real perspective rather than the mundane pop crap that’s out lately check him out. You won’t be disappointed. Oh and did I mention he’s a proud Canadian boy? Much Music has been giving him quite a bit of attention for a song he has with Classified. Buy his CD here.  Check him out on Facebook here.  

Sorry for the hiatus.

All I can say is that the lack of posting is fairly well justified.In the past month I have travelled over 2500 km’s, been in one car accident, helped my brother move to a new town, switched job locations, been accused of having an affair with a 65 yr old man (very not true), cried a few times, wished I was elsewhere, and now am finally back to dreaming about the future.I must say the definite highlight of my upcoming 8 days off of work, will be a trip I am hoping to take to a small Northern BC Ski hill.  “Powder King” Powder King is one of the north’s best kept most powder blessed secrets!Its located literally in the middle of nowhere between two small towns, Mackenzie(home of the worlds largest tree crusher)and Chetwynd, British Columbia. Pine Pass, Summertime The road to the mountain is treacherous and has taken many lives. This winter you may have heard about the avalanches and many people suspected trapped in the Pine Pass. Luckily everyone has been accounted for!  Bijoux Falls, Pine Pass, British ColumbiaHowever, the drive to this mountain is welllllllll worth it! I personally have never once been to this mountain and found ICE.The hill gets amazing amounts of powder and the owners give us a wonderful treat by only grooming 2 of the runs.  You can take the lift up, and then if you are brave, head over to the T bar where you can rise above the tree line and embrace un tracked powder!powderLift ticket prices are reasonable as well, only $45.00 for the day!  The one thing they need to work on though is the lodge, it’s small and smelly and lacking in room for the amount of people who are on the hill. Although I have to say, having this mountain be small and only visited by locals does make it unique and have a special place in many of us northerners hearts.Quite a few people take advantage of the mountain range Powder King is located in, with their skidoos. There are endless valleys and bowls and on a clear day this place will literally leave you breathless. Be sure though to take appropriate avalanche gear if you venture anywhere into the mountains in the snow. It’s not worth losing your or a loved ones life. Check out some YouTube videos here