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Show a little LOVE

I know I don’t have that many readers that check in on a frequent basis, but if you are stopping by and you are a nice person you will continue to read.My friend Keira-Anne is awesome, and she is participating in a fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters.  They will be having a beach party while bowling and helping to support a great organization who unites kids with quality mentors.For a long time I have said that I wanted to become a big sister, and as I am working way up north in the middle of nowhere I am living vicariously through Keira as she does her thing! So… donate… if you think about it, take that $10 you were going to put towards something like coffee, a new shirt, a dinner out, and support these kids.. trust me.. they need it more than you do!:)   So click here to support Keira and just in case you were worried, yes you do get a tax receipt. 

New Beginnings

When it comes to the blogging timeline, I have been a “blogger” since the near beginnings. Over 5 years now I have recorded thoughts, feelings, and adventures and shared them with the online community.  Up until about a month ago it was something that I did every week or so whenever I had something new or interesting to write about. I can’t really explain what happened but with the loss of a loved one, I decided to delete my blog. 5 years worth of ramblings gone in the click of a button. I didn’t feel sad, or like I was losing anything. I felt released. So in light of that, I have decided to start this project, not so much a blog but more of a showcase for arts, or anything that I feel needs to be noticed and remembered.  I hope to be completely honest, and diligent in this project and to start fresh on a new path with my purpose being to “Breathe Culture” into this space.