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365 days & Sarah Bloom

I just need to brag a little off the top, I did my second university level midterm today and got 84%. Pretty good, and definitely a pass!  My topic for today is partially the 365 self portrait project but more so one of the projects members.   “sadandbeautiful” (Sarah Bloom) as we know her on Flickr has been in this project for so long that she’s already onto her SECOND year of self portraits!I find this amazing because I made it only to about day 66 before running out of creative power.  If you don’t know anything about the 365 project, you should check it out, it’s a great tool for self awareness and is interesting to see what photos people post to represent themselves.  ©anniewisc For Instance :)Back to Sarah though, not only has she been part of 365 for a LONG time, she has also contributed some simply SPECTACULAR photos.  Softly Glow  Day 100, Baby!!  FUTAB on acid ( She has her photos copy written so I couldn’t post any for examples, but just click the links to see what I’m talking about, you wont be disappointed.  ) She also keeps a blog, where she talks about her sobriety, love, and her daughter just to name a few topics.From that website you can check out the multitude of other things she is involved in, publishing her own books, selling her photos, and even supporting Unicef! Wow. What does this lady not do? She’s a powerful role model for women everywhere who need to learn how to accept their bodies and learn to love. A perfect fit for the “Breathe Culture” featured photographer!