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Photo Sharing Websites.

If you’re anything like me, you spend fairly large amounts of time online simply “surfing”.  I decided to compile a page to assist you in finding the right site for your photo storing needs.

Up close and personal

  Photo Sharing Websites1. Flickr – My personal favorite, flickr has almost everything you could ever want in a storing, sharing website.  There are multiple ways to upload your photos, making it quick and easy to get the photos from your camera and online. A membership allows you to share you photos as well as become part of the Flickr community by joining groups, blogs, and commenting on others photos and streams. There are millions of users ranging from point and clicker’s to professional photographers. Flickr has great organization for those of you with daunting numbers of pictures and it also lets you filter who can see, so you can keep your skinny-dipping photos away from creepy eyes.Another feature I have just started to play with is geo-tagging. You can place your photos on a map so that other users can see where that spectacular sunset actually took place.  (I have found this is also a great way to remember where I went on that backpacking trip when town names tend to be forgotten) Flickr has linked itself to yahoo, so to get started you will need a Yahoo ID. A free basic account lets you upload 100mgb per month, and you can only display 200 pictures at a time while the pro account ($24.95 for one year, $47.99 for two) lets you upload an unlimited amount of photos, and has no other limitations of sets/sharing

.2. PhotoPoints 

3. PhotoBucket 

4. SmugMug 

5. MyPhotoAlbum 

6. WebShots 

7. Pbase 

8. 23 

9. KodakGallery  

 10. SnapFish

11. PictureTrail

12. Ballofdirt 

13. FotoPic 

14. ShutterFly 

15. Pixagogo

 * I will attempt to create some reviews of these other sites, but as of right now have only personally used Flickr. If you are reading this and use another site please let me know, and share your opinions. *

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  Tommy wrote @

Good list, also check out Photo Council

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