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Free Rice

I stumbled across this website today (literally through “stumble upon“) that is truly deserving of mention.  It’s a non-profit website dedicated to feeding the hungry. The United Nations has teamed up to create this website where everyday people with a little time on their hands, can answer questions and earn rice donations for those in need.You are given a word along with 4 possible definitions, all you have to do is choose the correct answer and for each word you get right, 20 grains of rice are donated.20 grains seems insignificant, I thought that myself when first checking this out, but with numerous countries getting on board and the spread of this program the results are amazing.Just yesterday 96,544,880 grains of rice were earned. WOW.   FREE RICE??!! The rice is paid for by the advertisers on the page, who are interested in promoting literacy as well as helping to end hunger. So if you have a spare 2 minutes in your day (which I suspect everyone can find) go to the site and give some people some free rice.



(If you have not figured it out, just click the picture above and go from there.)