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Today I was reading the Lonely Planet Blue List book for 2008, when I came across a section about Armenia.I honestly knew nothing about this country before today and probably would have struggled to place it on a map. However after reading this article today I have a sudden urge to pack up my belongings and enjoy some time exploring the over 40,000 historic monuments Armenia has to offer.I think I should plan my trip there for the third Sunday in July when the locals will be celebrating “Vardavar“.  This is the national day of randomly soaking strangers with water.  How fun! Not only can I wander around in Noah’s footsteps while drinking amazing wine and brandy, I can throw water on complete strangers with a gaggle of Armenians!Overall, this Country sounds like a place that I would enjoy visiting, mountains, history, and locals with a sense of humor! *my apologies for the short post today, I was without internet until 6:30 this evening, I will make up with it tomorrow, don’t you worry!*